Field Partners and Training Resources


Vitamin Angels’ model for addressing undernutrition relies on a network of 700+ NGO partners who are intimately connected with underserved communities. It is through these organizations – our field partners – that we are working to end undernutrition through a comprehensive approach that starts with vitamin supplementation and includes support for breastfeeding, deworming, nutrition education and more. Together, we can end undernutrition.

Field Partners

Vitamin Angels provides annual grants of vitamin A, albendazole, and multivitamins to qualified organizations seeking to add direct supplementation services to their existing health/nutrition services. In addition to these grants, we offer a wide variety of educational materials, resources, and trainings to ensure the distribution of our vitamins is done in accordance with proven methods consistent with accepted best practices.


Become a Field Partner

Learn about the requirements to become a field partner and apply for a grant.

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Resources for current field partners and trainers can be found below.


Field Partners Resources

For approved field partners, access resources to implement your project here:

International Resources

Domestic Resources


Training Resources

Vitamin Angels conducts several types of training courses and provides a variety of resources to support vitamin A supplementation and deworming (VAS+D) service delivery. Training resources can be accessed here:

Training Resources